Kia Race To The MVP
Kia Race To The MVP

起亚MVP梯:比赛结束后的比赛中,詹姆斯 - 哈登演出必须继续下去







The question didn’t require any real deliberation from Houston coach Mike D’Antoni.

他’s been at this long enough to know t这里’s no sense in making the game any m要么e difficult than it already is.

When asked what changes f要么 his team when one of his superstars (James Harden) is available 和 the other (Russell Westbrook) is not, his lighting-quick response shouldn’t be misconstrued.

“Nothing,” D’Antoni shot back Wednesday night in a hallway at State Farm Arena before Harden roasted the Atlanta Hawks f要么 40点三双。 “这只是更詹姆斯... ...是好还是坏。”

事情往往会制定出更好的当哈登而言。该 联赛的头号得分手 has only grown more 和 m要么e unstoppable as he dives deeper into D’Antoni’s offensive system that caters perfectly to his skill set.

Harden has proven to be equally effective no matter who is playing alongside him, be it Westbrook, Chris Paul 要么 anyone else. At the end of day, the Harden Show must go on.

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即使我和鹰守护带给年轻 取得三双的历史 on Wednesday, the sight of Harden toying with defenders was a stark reminder of just how next level his abilities have become.

詹姆斯 - 哈登的奉献他的得分工艺是当今NBA无法比拟的。

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Paul, now in Oklahoma City, has seen it from both sides. 他 competes against Harden now (as he did f要么 years), but 度过了两个赛季在他身边 (2017-19) as Houston challenged the Golden State Warriors f要么 Western Conference supremacy.

詹姆斯 - 哈登是在他的比赛中对七六人一场胜利。

James, I said it bef要么e last year, he might be the best offensive player to ever play,” Paul said Thursday night after the Thunder held Harden to a season-low 17 points 在胜利113-92雷霆. 随着强硬步阶背和获得罚球线。“